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Pishtaz Fartak Behsazan Vira Production Company, as the main partner of China-Iran Cooperative Production and Distribution, started to build the industrial town of this cooperative on a land area of ​​10,000 meters located in Sirjan Special Economic Zone in 2018.

The main goal of this company as one of the members of the cooperative of production and distribution of China – Iran, with its Chinese partners, is to localize the lighting industry in Iran and create jobs for educated and labor-intensive forces.

The founders of this manufacturing company, with nearly two decades of presence in the People’s Republic of China, and continuous communication with manufacturing companies in the industry, have learned the professional production method and are hoping for entrepreneurship and job creation in dear Iran.

Pishtaz Co. has started the first phase to build 3500 square meters of different halls. finally, it will reach to ten thousand and five hundred meters of production halls. In these halls, according to the company’s board schedule, a variety of usable lighting lamps in homes, roads, administrative complexes, other industries such as the automotive industry and new technologies such as laser lights, gardening lights, clean lights using solar and…. Action will.

regards to the development plan of Pishtaz Fartak Behsazan Vira Company will be to expand to twenty thousand square meters of production halls.


The company is also determined to have a professional activity in the neighboring countries of the Islamic Republic of Iran and by issuing its products, a fundamental step will be taken to cut off dependence on the oil industry as the only currency industry for Iran.