Light is life

Lights gardening from Pishtaz Fartak Futures products series

We strive to remove the agricultural sector from its traditional range of styles with the lights of gardening technology.

Today, the people’s expectation of technology becomes more than every day – and it’s also true for the urban agricultural world. People want fresh and nutritious vegetables, beautiful floral arrangements and scented plants all year round and no limited stay in its seasonal conditions, they want the technology to allow them even with the touch of a button with the latest trends in e-commerce to reach their demands. Fortunately, science has reached a newer result in the growth of plants and with new digital and smart technologies for vertical farms, hydroponic greenhouses and small gardening systems, it is possible that people in their small gardens can even reach their demands at home.

Daily research on gardening lights, sensor technology and cloud computing allow horticultural professionals to respond more to the increasing needs of consumers.

The research unit of Pishtak Co. as a collection that seeks localization in the field of bright technology, following the advancement of advances in plant lighting, such as LED growth lights and solutions in this case is the vanguard of Fartak with Chinese industry and research experts It is closely developed to provide products and systems that help develop the product and help Tom yen be aatnad in industries such as retail food market and food facilities

Applied fields in gardening lighting

Vertical agriculture

Artificial lighting in the environments lacking in natural light

These products are purposefully designed for vertical farming

Green Home

Smart lighting solutions for plant growth preparation

These products are in line with critical solutions for the environment and economic efficiency to increase the product and quality, while at the same time helping to reduce our destructive impact on the environment.

Home Gardening

Smart Gardening for home use and restaurants

Smart Home gardening products makes it possible to use healthy and tasty vegetables and plants in the house of planting and using


Intelligent lighting systems to meet specific light recipes

Research group is a compound of technology professionals trying to lighting systems with different color channels and features of its planning

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